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Are you an

Executive Assitant?


Do you prefer to work
harder or smarter?

If you prefer quick and easy, you can make one call, text, or email to your personal chauffeur, and get things done;
quickly and easily.

Your personal chauffeur will work tirelessly so that your job is as easy as possible, and so that you look brilliant to your boss.

It's all about you.


Safe Chauffuer loves EAs
(Executive Assistants)

We make YOU the HERO.

Because you are AWESOME.
Full Stop.


Executive assistants are considered the best and awesome for several reasons, as highlighted by various sources and individuals. They are highly valued for their ability to manage other people's lives and keep everything running smoothly. Their organizational skills and attention to detail make them essential for any organization.


Here are some key points that make executive assistants stand out:


  1. Flexibility and adaptability: Executive assistants are known for their ability to adjust to different situations and handle a variety of tasks. Their middle name is "flexibility," as they can transition from being an executive assistant to a psychologist, marriage counselor, event specialist, or any other role necessary to support their executive and team effectively.

  2. Strategic gatekeeping and diplomacy: One of the most significant and effective roles of an executive assistant is to act as a strategic gatekeeper and diplomat. This involves understanding unspoken goals and building investment by setting shared goals with their executive or team. This relationship is built on trust and confidence, allowing the assistant to anticipate needs and goals effectively.

  3. Organizational and administrative skills: Executive assistants possess strong administrative skills that are crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of an organization. They are the ambassadors to the administrative professional community within their organization, connecting the leader at the top to all corners of the organization.

  4. Learning and adapting: Executive assistants have a unique opportunity to learn how their executive thinks and what motivates them. This understanding allows them to anticipate their executive's needs and goals effectively. By investing in their executive's success and building a strong relationship, they can share in the success and build trust.

  5. Professional development: Being an executive assistant is not just a stepping stone to other roles; it can be a fulfilling, well-paid career in its own right. Many people see the role as a way to become a future chief of staff or other high-level positions, but it can be a rewarding career all on its own.


These points highlight the diverse skills and qualities that make executive assistants essential and highly valued members of any organization.

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