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Safe Chauffeur Executive Car Service Bend Oregon Luxury Ride To From RDM Redmond Airport W

Who is your snow driver?

At Safe Chauffeur, we do not hire drivers.


Quality control.

The number one job of a personal, professional, private chauffeur is as a body guard for those entrusted to him.

Your Safe Chauffeur has been driving on ice and snow, in harsh Midwest conditions, since he was nine years old.

He understands the physics of the vehicle he is driving, and how it reacts to winter conditions.

Any old town car and private car service can dress their vehicle in studded snow tires and all-wheel-drive, like we do, adn others do not.


However, decades of experience and the conscious effort of putting client safety first cannot be replicated.

That is why we have only one driver;

Your personal chauffeur.

You can rest assured, knowing that it would be hard to find a better ice and snow driver in the Pacific Northwest.

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