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“It’s always sunny on the Oregon Coast.”

A couple of days ago I brought a client’s teenage child to the Oregon Coast, from Bend Oregon, to join their friends in a get together. A few days later, I picked them up and brought them home.

One of hundreds of trips like this, over the years, but it brought me immense joy, as always, knowing that I was contributing to a child’s safety in a meaningful way.

I mean, think about it; Do you really want your sixteen-year-old to drive for 5 hours over snowy mountain passes, just so they can get to a beach town?

As a parent and grandparent, we have to “let go” and let our children explore their own expression and ability in the real world, which is a good thing.

It is also a good thing to use reason and caution as we dispense this freedom and give them a real sense that they are valuable and important and cherished while this is taking place.

Freedom, to let our children explore and get into possible mischief with their friends.

Value, knowing that they are worth it, and you deserve the very best.

Would you not agree?

About the Author: John E. Schweiter, Jr is the only driver at “A+ Safe Chauffeur LLC”, located in Bend Oregon. He and his Wife (Chef Marie) own the company, together, that offers personal chauffeur services to long-time clients, as well as to the public by appointment. He has been serving the wealthy families and individuals of Central Oregon since 1997, where he also enjoys the great outdoors through camping, hiking, and mountain biking. He was born in Germany, but his family has always lived in the Pacific Northwest, with his Grandparents owning wheat and cattle ranches in the great Palouse region, near WSU, where he learned to drive on the ice and snow at the age of nine. He also comes from a car-loving and racing family, and he has been racing cars and driving professionally since he first received his license to drive. He and his Wife have been service and hospitality entrepreneurs for their entire life, and they have a large family, with seven grandchildren, all living in Washington, Oregon, and California. You can reach him via email at john@Schweiter.Co (not com) :) © A+ Safe Chauffeur Executive Car Service @541SAFE

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